Smart Email Marketing Features

Outbox 360 is loaded with dynamic features that make this Email application user-friendly and affordable. Emails are delivered in high volumes to the target group’s inbox. Tracking of mails is achieved by open tracking, bounce tracking and unsubscribe tracking You have unlimited contacts to add, you can manage contacts, and reports.

List management is the key to effective email marketing. One list or many, Outbox360 makes it simple to manage. Outbox360 provides you with all the features needed to manage your lists with automated suppression of bounces and unsubscribes, unlimited lists and much more. You can add contacts manually 5 at a time, import via CSV file, or just by pasting them. Outbox360 verifies addresses and removes duplicates, bounced emails or unsubscribes automatically so you don’t have to give it a thought. It’s perfectly painless to add or move contacts between your lists or to start a new list.

With Outbox360's email content builder system you can build a content from either scratch or from your previously sent email content. You can also build with our email templates or form the web URLs. No advanced skills are necessary for you to quickly build your email content. Uploading images to the server and adding them to your messages is only a click away. The editor enables you to compose HTML messages via WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), including similar tools/ functions as other text editors and in the background encoding it to HTML.
Therefore composing HTML messages is very easy also for users with no knowledge about HTML. Once you build your email content, you can schedule its delivery to hundreds or thousands - it's up to you.

Outbox360 provides top notch infrastructure as a foundation for a successful email delivery. We focus on maximizing your delivery straight from your business to your customers' inboxes, every time. Our in-house Compliance and ISP Relations teams provide additional levels of back-up before and after your email goes out.

We help you to track, gauge and analyze Emails, as part of the Email marketing campaign process. By Email analysis, you can make smart and knowledgeable decisions, keep track of site conversions and easily segment subscribers. You can know the effectiveness of each Email marketing campaign by studying the metrics that is generated by the Outbox 360 application. This helps you to create a better and focused Email campaign, with choice of time and date on which you can send the messages for maximum results.
Maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns even after they’re complete with Outbox360 Email Intelligence designed to make tracking and analyzing real pleasure.

Just configure bounce handling and relax. Outbox360 handles your campaign bounce backs. Email address change, sometimes emails get rejected. Either way, this means bounces happen. We catch and process these automatically to keep your lists clean.
We differentiate between hard (permanent) and soft (temporary) bounces and then process appropriately. Outbox360 automatically unsubscribes an email address after configured bounces and don't send it again.